Afro-Semitic Experience bassist David Chevan has been working with Vic Steffens of Horizon Music Group on the band's new CD, Further Definitions of the Days of Awe. The CD is currently slated to be out on September 13 and it features the voices of Cantor Jack Mendelson, his son, Danny Mendelson, and Cantors Erik Contzius and Lisa Arbisser.
This is how the the CD currently looks:

Here's a shot of Vic Steffens working on the music:

You might think Vic is asleep in this next shot but years of working with him has taught me that he is actually listening very carefully to the music. This is Vic deep in concentration.

Here is Vic and David after a long day in the studio. This kind of work can make you exceedingly goofy!!

There will be more news about the new CD in the next few days. Here's what the new CD cover will look like:

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