Noah and David Chevan duo 

Electro-Acoustic Improvisations

Noah and I have played music together for well over 20 years, but we only recently began improvising together as a duo.  Some of what we are doing grows out of Noah's recent work developed in the T.I.M.A.R.A. (technology in music and related arts) program at Oberlin Conservatory, Noah on trumpet and I'm on bass.  While we are playing Noah also records and electronically manipulates and reshapes those sounds adding color, texture, and shape to the duo improvisations.  The sonic results of these manipulations create new musical landscapes that are wildly unlike any of the jazz that I'm known for or the punk that Noah has played.  What happens when we improvise together is as much a surprise and delight for us, the artists as it is for the audience.

Noah and David Chevan Electro-Acoustic Improvisation at Best Video, June 2017

Some photos from our performance at Best Video in Hamden