Classic Posters from the Archives

As I was looking through a pile of old papers I discovered a number of older posters from early Afro-Semitic Experience gigs. In a fit of nostalgia I scanned several of them and have decided to post a few to the blog just so you can see some of really nice posters that have been made over the years by others to advertise the band.
This first poster is amongst the oldest that I found. This one goes back to a 2003 concert at Dartmouth College.

And here is a poster for a concert at UMass from around that same time period. The photo was taken by Kathleen Cei back when we were still playing once a month at The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown. You can see our friends Richard McGhee and Mixashawn jamming away with us in this shot.

The last poster for this blog post comes from a concert we gave in Lakeland, Florida a few years ago. The design of this one is great. It has a vintage vibe to it that makes it look even older. That was a very cool concert and we got to meet an interesting cantor, Victor Geigner, who has a rich and resonant voice and who really got down with us.

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